Gulf Place Master Bedroom Design

Interior Design

Can’t wait to see this one come to life! We are working on a whole home remodel in Gulf Place, Santa Rosa Beach. We are using lots of glass art, bright chrome, lacquered furniture, and lucite accents for a fun and modern look!tovar master bedroom

Mary Hong, Wired Glass

Art that Inspires, Interior Design

Mary Hong is a true artist in every sense of the word. She is truly a trendsetter, and her art blends with any style and taste. I use at least one “mary” on each of my design jobs these days. She is a great local SoWal artist, and she does custom pieces as well. Everything she does is magnificent! Not to mention, she was my first piece of original art when I moved into my new condo. The beautiful 4’x4′ canvas she did for me is directly over my sofa, and set the tone for the my entire living room.

For those of you SoWal locals.. she is now offering classes! Check out her website for a schedule.
Take a look at just some of the beautiful things she has created, and prepare to be amazed. GO MARY!


mary3 mary6