Ashley Longshore Art

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Remember when you were a kid and Christmas morning felt like it took FOREVVVVVVER to arrive? That’s what last week was like for me. But let me back up…

I have been a HUGE fan of New Orleans-based artist, Ashley Longshore, for a while.  I first started following her journey when she was the featured artist at Alys Beach’s Digital Graffiti back in 2013 and has graced the cover of local VIE Magazine numerous times. Her instagram is absolutely hilarious and she’s a bold and successful female artist who’s made a name for herself as a spirited, self-taught pop artist who freely speaks her mind and has the celebrity packed fan-base to back it up. 

Ashley is also the resident artist at New York’s Bergdorf Goodman and designed their 5th Avenue windows for Christmas 2018, and has a 7th floor feature at their in-store cafe.

As their brand partner, she has a collection you can shop with placemats, trays, and bags. Click here for happy shopping 🙂 She also had a quickly-sold out collection of home and fashion accessories for Anthropologie.

She’s the perfect mix of brightly colored pop art and her talent stretches from her highly anticipated 200 “smalls” release one a year to her custom HUGE pieces. I love the bold color and touch of sparkle she uses from hand embellished jewels to gold leaf backgrounds. I signed up for her VIP release link to have early access to her small releases this spring, and lucked out in being able to snag one for the first time. In the first 30 minutes of the release, they were sold out of the pieces I was interested in, and I was bummed. Lo and behold, I signed back on around 9:30, only to find that she had released 20 more pieces for sale. It was a sign.. I scooped one up!  If possible, my Audrey Hepburn piece is even more beautiful in person, and she’s found the perfect home for now in my bookshelf until we build our dream home and she moves to my original art gallery wall that I’ve already started collecting for 🙂


It’s hard to pick a favorite subject matter, but here are some of her most recent paintings that I adore, and hope to continue collecting in the future!

If you’re in New Orleans, be sure and make a stop at her 4537 Magazine Street Gallery– it’s everything you’d imagine it to be.. bold, bright, and FUN! And if you’re like me, and can’t get enough of her contagious and bubbly work, check out this article about “Six ways to own an Ashley Longshore.”


Hannah Lane Paintings

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Y’all know I love supporting original artists, and I LOVE being able to use them in my design projects. This one is one of my favorites! She’s based out of Nashville, Tennessee and is as sweet as she is talented. On a recent trip to Nashville, I was able to stop by her home studio/gallery and pick out a small piece to take home to Florida with me, and it found the perfect home in my master bookshelf!

Hannah’s art is comprised of mixed media abstracts and she gathers inspiration and subject matter from her southern roots. Her art is a composition of pigmented papers layered with paint and pastels. She’s not scared of color, and most pieces reflect that! Here are some of my favorite collections of hers, all taken from her instagram.

I also own one of her more personal pieces– it’s a framed watercolor nude that hangs in my master bathroom. Hannah’s mother-in-law (and our close family friend, Beth Scott) passed away last year after a 28 year battle with Multiple Sclerosis. A portion of each of Hannah’s 25  limited edition watercolor female figures was donated to the MS Society. That’s mine in the top right! Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 11.27.54 AM

Check out her website with links to available pieces for purchase as well as her Instagram and Facebook pages:


Spring Highpoint Trends, Vol. 2- Paper Art

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For a design project, sometimes you need something that’s not a mirror and not another piece of art. Sometimes a space dictates something that’s non-subject matter related based on what else is already in the room– something with dimension and sculpture. Here’s the perfect solution– paper art! Lots of manufacturers are hopping on this trend, and we have LOTS heading to our showroom. Here are some of  our favorite new intros from market….

And here are some from our favorite vendors!

New Artist Alert!

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While browsing on Pinterest, I came across this artist, and absolutely fell in love with her work! I contacted her to show some of her pieces in our showroom, so we will be exclusively showcasing her work here at Lovelace. Check her out!

4441 555 666 2333


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ANYTHING Allison Wickey! I won this GORGEOUS 24″x60″ landscape, titled “Hey” in a auction. A great piece of art in support of a great cause!

allison wickey piece

Check out Allison’s website to see her latest works for purchase and inspiration!

Justin Gaffrey

Art that Inspires, Interior Design

SO, I purchased my first original Justin Gaffrey  painting. It was commissioned back in July. So, as you can imagine, I was ecstatic to get a call from the artist himself saying it was completed! As you probably already know, I’m a huge advocate of investing in original art, as it’s value only appreciates with time. I took some pictures of his work studio and gallery in Blue Mountain Beach this last time I was there. His art work is so unique and dimensional. If you’re ever in the area, I encourage you to stop by his gallery in the Seaside circle, or visit his studio in Blue Mountain Beach, where you might even get a glimpse of him painting.

gaffrey1 gaffrey2 gaffrey4 gaffrey6 gaffrey7 gaffrey34 photo 2-9 photo 3-7

photo 3-8

AND NOW.. drumroll please! Here’s my new painting! I absolutely love it!

photo 1-12

Allison Wickey

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Another one of my favorite local artists  — check out the amazingly talented, Allison Wickey. She creates beautiful art, and I’ve had the pleasure of using her work for quite a few of my design jobs. She is so talented, and very diverse in subject matter.  Her style involves a roughly 13 step, 4 day process using venetian plaster, acrylic paint, glazes, and an orbital sander. If you’re local, go check out her new gallery in Seacrest Beach. Enjoy!



       wick      wickey    wickey3       wickeyo wik      wikcye

Mary Hong, Wired Glass

Art that Inspires, Interior Design

Mary Hong is a true artist in every sense of the word. She is truly a trendsetter, and her art blends with any style and taste. I use at least one “mary” on each of my design jobs these days. She is a great local SoWal artist, and she does custom pieces as well. Everything she does is magnificent! Not to mention, she was my first piece of original art when I moved into my new condo. The beautiful 4’x4′ canvas she did for me is directly over my sofa, and set the tone for the my entire living room.

For those of you SoWal locals.. she is now offering classes! Check out her website for a schedule.
Take a look at just some of the beautiful things she has created, and prepare to be amazed. GO MARY!


mary3 mary6




Art that inspires!

Art that Inspires, Interior Design

Art that inspires!

People invest their money in different ways. I’ve always been an original art lover. I could give or take a nice pair of Christian Louboutins or an overpriced Prada handbag, but when it comes to art.. I tend to splurge! Art can really set the tone for an entire room, from subject matter to color palette.
This is my latest investment… An original Justin Gaffrey. I’ve wanted one for years, and I’ve finally bitten the bullet! If you’ve never heard of him.. check out his work. What talent! He is creating a custom size piece for my entry that will be ready by the end of the year. EEEEKKK! Can’t wait to post pictures of it hanging!