Holiday Isle Before and After

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529 Veracruz details

I love a good before-and-after just as much the next person, but THIS ONE takes the cake! It was a labor of love, and still isn’t QUITE finished yet, but I couldn’t resist showing it off! Karen Kerns and I worked with the homeowner and contractor from the beginning to select all interior and exterior finishes, fixtures, paint, lighting, furniture, art, and accessories. Sure makes the project easy when you have a wonderful client and a great contractor! Thanks to everyone involved in making it a fun one! Stay tuned for more progress!

Kitchen BEFORE:



Thomson kitchen


Upstairs Living/Dining BEFORE:

Upstairs Living/Dining DURING:


Upstairs Living/Dining AFTER:


Downstairs Living/Dining BEFORE:

Downstairs Living/Dining AFTER:


Downstairs Guest Bedroom BEFORE and AFTER:


Downstairs Guest Bedroom 2 BEFORE AND AFTER:


Master Bedroom BEFORE and DURING:

Master Bedroom AFTER:

Mod Design via Las Vegas

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Just like we need 5 different pair of evening shoes, we need 5 different living rooms to decorate in all different design styles, right??  While it’s the opposite of what I typically do for coastal design, I love the look and feel of an uber-contemporary interior. It has an urban and sleek look that dictates the whole design style. From plush velvet sofas to mirrored console pieces , I love this edgy and modern take on interiors. At Las Vegas market, we loved the inspiring vignettes of Resource Decor. Take a look at some of these contemporary cool snapshots from their Las Vegas showroom.

IMG_3308 IMG_3307 IMG_3306 IMG_3305  IMG_3303

 IMG_3304 IMG_3301

Sanctuary by the Sea

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This is another look at ongoing staging projects in Sanctuary by the Sea that were recently furnished to sell. We wanted each of the units to have a distinct look– from soft, beachy casual to elegant and refined. Both have a completely different look, but are furnished to appeal to the majority of prospective buyers. Since furnishing, unit 2126 has been sold, but 1128 is still on the market.

Unit 1128

1128 living room Screen shot 2015-09-30 at 12.00.18 PM

Unit 2126

 1126 LR 1126 dining room 1126 master whole view1

Total Beach House Transformation

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Talk about a before and after! I got a phone call from a former client on a Sunday with a quick-turn around request: fully furnish her beach house (which was currently being used as a storage unit) by the following Saturday. Yep, you heard me right–6 days to transform this…..

before kitchen 89 kitchen before6

into a place where her family could come to stay.  The house sat vacant for months before we went to furnish it. I shopped around locally, as I had no time to order furniture. Since the house is directly on the beach.. (HELLO amazing view)

bmb view1

I chose to go with a color palette that reflected the outside surroundings of beautiful Blue Mountain Beach on 30a.  Here is the finished product-ENJOY!

bmb living bmb living 4 bmb living7 bmb living7w  bmb master23

 bmb guest1

The Pros of Staging

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One of my co-designers, Karen Kerns and I have been chosen to partially stage 4 available units at Sanctuary by the Sea in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. When the building was built, the developer kept a few units as investment properties, all of which have sat on the market for quite some time. When we talked with realtors and prospective clients, we realized the reason they weren’t getting the attention they deserved was the fact that they were a spatial furniture challenge. Most of the rooms are HUGE, and the average person can’t figure out how to lay out their furniture in such a large space. A small-scale sofa and pair of chairs gets swallowed in a 20’x30′ open concept living room. So, we were hired to furnish those “problem areas” to help prospective buyers really see the potential of each unit. It’s a night and day difference to see how the furniture makes the unit feel so much more homey and lived-in. A buyer can really envision themselves living there.

I’ve attached some before and afters to show what a difference furniture makes!

 For purchasing info please visit Royce’s site:

Entry before and after:

1129 entry Screen shot 2015-09-30 at 11.59.29 AM

Living Room before and after:

1129 living room Screen shot 2015-09-30 at 11.58.39 AM

Dining Room before and after:

1129 Dining room Screen shot 2015-09-30 at 11.59.03 AM

Master Bedroom before and after

1129 Master Screen shot 2015-09-30 at 11.59.07 AM

Watercolor New Construction COMPLETE!

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This has been one of my favorite projects to-date. It’s a stunning house in Watercolor’s Forest Lakes disctrict. The owners are from Dallas, and chose this location to invest in a rental property. Karen Kerns and I were thrilled to be chosen to help with the interiors. They purchased the home while under construction as a spec home by Ben Giles, so we had some flexibility with colors/lighting/flooring/finishes. I love how the design really came together from concept to completion. Also, look for a design feature of this home in Destin Magazine’s upcoming issue. If you’re interested in renting the home, here’s a link:

I’ve included all the pictures in my Design Portfolio tab, but here are some of my favorite shots by MoonCreek Studios.  Truly stunning, and even more beautiful in person!

steph living room150219-27runningoak-014-2000

steph dining 150219-27runningoak-015-2000

steph 1st floor master 150219-27runningoak-024-2000

steph common area 150219-27runningoak-035-2000

steph bedroom one 2nd floor 150219-27runningoak-037-2000steph master 2nd floor150219-27runningoak-031-2000

steph 3rd floor common area150219-27runningoak-039-2000

steph 3rd floor media room150219-27runningoak-040-2000steph 3rd floor bunk room150219-27runningoak-042-2000

steph guest house150219-27runningoak-054-2000

Hotty Toddy!

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A little off the usual subject, but here are some pics from my trip to Oxford this past weekend for the Ole Miss vs. Alabama game. (I stole a few from friends)… Not much better than a college football weekend in the Grove! Hope to make it back for one more before the season’s over! Go Rebs, and Hotty Toddy!

1013396_10101396200973916_3312428831108657573_n 1013244_10101396200714436_1016948114214809909_n   10660295_10101396199666536_5444105952753607810_n 10665789_10152764054219770_9118130594827460138_n 10150702_10101396199247376_2333105218793158230_n 10151436_10101396906060916_7197512015642865771_n 1463892_10101396198269336_2492634292075847247_n10541987_10101396619170846_3521553916255992852_n


Blue Mountain Beach Before and After

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Check out my latest Before and After. The original design boards and pictures are also shown on my conceptual design and design portfolio. This was one of my favorite jobs to date– the client wanted cheery and bright, light and airy. The home was purchased –as is– with dark, West Indes inspired furniture that we removed and started from scratch. It was truly a labor of love, and the clients are more than thrilled with their new beachfront oasis. Enjoy!

Master Bedroom:

master bedroom pavlin 10689633_10154634400415554_8744190603106601590_n

Master Sitting Area:

pavlin master bedroom  10690133_10154634400410554_2058637587199222215_n pavlinmaster sitting9

Kids Den:

pavlin kids den pavlinkidsden23

Dining Room:

pavlin dining

10538514_10154634397660554_4439039589675387457_n 10606361_10154634397675554_4257010178120026216_n

Boys Bedroom:

pavlin zacs room pavlinzach9

Upstairs Guest Suite Loft:

upstairs guest suite 10155447_10154634400455554_3737752619502404685_n 10615433_10154634400505554_6428697899564964267_n 10665269_10154634400360554_2012301586291490478_n pavlinloft

Designed by: Lindsay Miller and Julie Liebetreu 

Sneak Peak at our Market Finds

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I just returned from a productive trip to Market in Highpoint, North Carolina, furniture capital of the world. There’s nothing quite like being immersed in fresh and exciting new design trends to really recharge your “creative battery”. I love going in the showrooms to find out what’s new and innovative. By the last day of market, you really learn what’s trending and what the “hot” items are, because you’ve seen bits and pieces of them from all the big lines. Last spring it was shagreen, geodes, and kelly green. This year, we really noticed these 3 big trends:

1. An updated take on Mid-Century Modern. This is a very distinct style, and scary for some people to grasp the concept. Lots of furniture lines have adapted it into a more mainstream look, so that it’s easy to use a piece here and there, mixed with any kind of style. Bernhardt and Bassett Furniture’s HGTV collection shows a lot of this look.

bhgtv4 emporiumhome market 2014 vanguard banquette oly

2. Global Influence (especially Asian-inspired). EVERYWHERE! From CR Laine’s showroom to the shelves of your local HomeGoods, this look is all over the place now. Maybe the thought of full length drapes like these shown in CR Laine scare you, but small pops in pillows or light fixtures are a fun addition to any style room.

cr 2104 crlaine2014 crlaine2014 blue crlaine2014 drapes crlaine2014 red purple crlaine2014entry global3 globalentry mrbrown2014

3. Gold and Brass furniture- The use of mixed metals is HUGE right now. We are seeing more and more brass and bright gold in showrooms like Worlds Away, Bernhardt, and Phillips Collection.

bern6 bernbed cyan market 2014 global4  julianchicester lba2  wagold waturtles