Holiday Isle Before and After

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529 Veracruz details

I love a good before-and-after just as much the next person, but THIS ONE takes the cake! It was a labor of love, and still isn’t QUITE finished yet, but I couldn’t resist showing it off! Karen Kerns and I worked with the homeowner and contractor from the beginning to select all interior and exterior finishes, fixtures, paint, lighting, furniture, art, and accessories.┬áSure makes the project easy when you have a wonderful client and a great contractor! Thanks to everyone involved in making it a fun one! Stay tuned for more progress!

Kitchen BEFORE:



Thomson kitchen


Upstairs Living/Dining BEFORE:

Upstairs Living/Dining DURING:


Upstairs Living/Dining AFTER:


Downstairs Living/Dining BEFORE:

Downstairs Living/Dining AFTER:


Downstairs Guest Bedroom BEFORE and AFTER:


Downstairs Guest Bedroom 2 BEFORE AND AFTER:


Master Bedroom BEFORE and DURING:

Master Bedroom AFTER:


Twin Room Before and After

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My client wanted a fun, beachy casual room for her grandchildren at her condo. She loved bold pops of color, and coastal inspired design. We kept the main furniture pieces, and changed bedding, added new art and window treatments, and voila— a whole new look! Here is the transformation from start to finish.

Before, the room was dated, and lacked the fun and whimsical feel of a kids room. Nothing special, just a typical twin room.



After.. Much more fun and kid-inspired, without being over the top!