Hotty Toddy!

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A little off the usual subject, but here are some pics from my trip to Oxford this past weekend for the Ole Miss vs. Alabama game. (I stole a few from friends)… Not much better than a college football weekend in the Grove! Hope to make it back for one more before the season’s over! Go Rebs, and Hotty Toddy!

1013396_10101396200973916_3312428831108657573_n 1013244_10101396200714436_1016948114214809909_n   10660295_10101396199666536_5444105952753607810_n 10665789_10152764054219770_9118130594827460138_n 10150702_10101396199247376_2333105218793158230_n 10151436_10101396906060916_7197512015642865771_n 1463892_10101396198269336_2492634292075847247_n10541987_10101396619170846_3521553916255992852_n



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