Cabinets are in!

Interior Design, My New House

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I’m in the process of building a house. I was able to go inside last week to check on the progress and take some measurements. I love seeing the progress week by week! Since I’m moving into a production home, I am limited in my interior spec choices, so I am doing quite a bit of work post-close such as adding wood floors, changing wood stair balusters to metal, painting throughout, changing mirrors and light fixtures, etc. I’m glad to have some before and after pictures for the blog. Here’s the latest progress!

guest bedroom3 kitchen without granite kitchen with granite living room loft lr2 master vanity master2 stairs stairs23 upstairs bathroom guest bedroom2 downstairs guest room downstairs guest bath dining room

Progress Pics!

Interior Design, My New House

As most of you know, I’m in the process of building a house. It’s amazing to me how quickly things start moving after that initial breaking ground! Here are some up-to-date pictures. I’ll be going in in the next couple of weeks to take interior shots and measure for wood flooring, backsplash tiles, etc. Stay tuned… More pics to come!

photo 1-79 photo 2-76 photo 3-62

Drumroll, please….

DIY, Interior Design, My New House

…. I’m building a house! I look forward to documenting my progress right here on my blog.  I’m excited, nervous, antsy… all of the above! Stay tuned for regular updates on the building process, and to see my design inspiration and ideas.

Stage 1: Lot has been cleared, and permit has been pulled! It’s a start!

Eagle bay lot