Velia Lala’s Sandestin Art Socials

Interior Design

Check out this great article about an art social attended by myself and photographer, Amanda Sause, as posted on her blog. Of course my favorite photo is the last one of myself and the cutest puppy on the planet 🙂 And be sure to follow her blog as well!

“I had the pleasure of attending one of Velia Lala’s art socials for Inside the Gates magazine.  We began the evening with a bowl of delicious duck gumbo, a variety of cheeses, and drinks.  Velia’s gumbo was amazing and the social time gave the attendees a chance to get to know one another before painting.  After, we headed to Velia’s lovely home studio and began painting.  Unlike other art socials I have attended, Velia actually teaches you how to paint.  Every attendee receives an inspirational picture with the outline sketched out on their canvas.  From there, you choose your colors and brushes.  Velia’s guidance is perfect.  She does not tell you exactly what to do, but instead guides you to a great final product that you are proud of.  I felt so accomplished and now my painting is beautifully displayed in my home.

I learned so much about painting at the social.  What I enjoyed the most was combining my knowledge of light in photography to a different medium.  There is a great connection between painting and photography.  I did not realize this until the social.

You can plan an art social with your friends by visiting Velia’s website at  She also sells her lovely art which is beautiful displayed throughout her home.  Her next social is on Monday, March 10th 2014 at 5:30.  Sign up now… you will not regret it!”Sandestin art social photographySandestin art social picturesAmanda Sause Photography Sandestin art social


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