Highpoint Market Spring 2019 Recap

Spring Highpoint Furniture Market in April was a SUCCESS! Our Lovelace buying team had an inspiring trip, and got some fun and fresh new pieces for both of our showrooms. Expect lots of COLOR, refined coastal influences, performance fabrics, woven textures, and abstract art. Stay tuned for future blog posts about what was HOT at market!

Flashback Friday


Flashback to one of my very first jobs at Lovelace Interiors.. a beautiful master bedroom for a wonderful client in Panama City Beach. I still love the custom shell mirror, grasscloth master bed wall, and Global Views accent chest. The neutral tones and soothing colors make for a beautiful and serene space, even 8 years later 🙂

Lovelace Lifestyle Grand Opening

Jim Clark - iamjimclark.com - 8048

Our second Lovelace Interiors Inlet Beach location Grand Opening party on March 28 was a HUGE success! If you’re local and you haven’t been– check it out! It’s around 5000 sq. feet of showroom space with a coastal flair.  We also sell jewelry by Bittersweet Designs, and a few select clothing and accessory lines. We also feature local and regional artists such as Justin Gaffrey, Amy Fogg, Allison Wickey, Roy Eure, and Beth Allee.

Jim Clark - iamjimclark.com - 8049Jim Clark - iamjimclark.com - 8072Jim Clark - iamjimclark.com - 8051Jim Clark - iamjimclark.com - 8066Jim Clark - iamjimclark.com - 8064Jim Clark - iamjimclark.com - 8056Jim Clark - iamjimclark.com - 8237

And our photographer, Jim Clark, snapped some awesome candids that I LOVE of my family and friends who were able to make it!

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All images Copyright : https://www.iamjimclark.com/

Ashley Longshore Art


Photo Credit: https://www.ashleylongshore.com/

Remember when you were a kid and Christmas morning felt like it took FOREVVVVVVER to arrive? That’s what last week was like for me. But let me back up…

I have been a HUGE fan of New Orleans-based artist, Ashley Longshore, for a while.  I first started following her journey when she was the featured artist at Alys Beach’s Digital Graffiti back in 2013 and has graced the cover of local VIE Magazine numerous times. Her instagram is absolutely hilarious and she’s a bold and successful female artist who’s made a name for herself as a spirited, self-taught pop artist who freely speaks her mind and has the celebrity packed fan-base to back it up. 


Ashley is also the resident artist at New York’s Bergdorf Goodman and designed their 5th Avenue windows for Christmas 2018, and has a 7th floor feature at their in-store cafe.  http://viemagazine.com/article/pop-arts-rebel-queen/

As their brand partner, she has a collection you can shop with placemats, trays, and bags. Click here for happy shopping 🙂 She also had a quickly-sold out collection of home and fashion accessories for Anthropologie.

She’s the perfect mix of brightly colored pop art and her talent stretches from her highly anticipated 200 “smalls” release one a year to her custom HUGE pieces. I love the bold color and touch of sparkle she uses from hand embellished jewels to gold leaf backgrounds. I signed up for her VIP release link to have early access to her small releases this spring, and lucked out in being able to snag one for the first time. In the first 30 minutes of the release, they were sold out of the pieces I was interested in, and I was bummed. Lo and behold, I signed back on around 9:30, only to find that she had released 20 more pieces for sale. It was a sign.. I scooped one up!  If possible, my Audrey Hepburn piece is even more beautiful in person, and she’s found the perfect home for now in my bookshelf until we build our dream home and she moves to my original art gallery wall that I’ve already started collecting for 🙂


It’s hard to pick a favorite subject matter, but here are some of her most recent paintings that I adore, and hope to continue collecting in the future!

If you’re in New Orleans, be sure and make a stop at her 4537 Magazine Street Gallery– it’s everything you’d imagine it to be.. bold, bright, and FUN! And if you’re like me, and can’t get enough of her contagious and bubbly work, check out this article about “Six ways to own an Ashley Longshore.”


Heading to Highpoint!

 Wheels up to Highpoint! The Lovelace buying team is heading to Spring Market in North Carolina this coming weekend and we can’t wait to shop for both of our locations! Susan, Bunny, Hope, and myself are always looking for new and exciting lines to add to our stores! We love spotting new trends and visiting our tried-and-true showroom vendors. Stay tuned!! I’ll be reporting back on what we found and what will be arriving at our stores in the upcoming months!

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 10.04.05 AM

Books aren’t just for reading anymore…

Screen Shot 2019-02-02 at 2.09.20 PM.png

Who says books have to be boring?!?! Not these! Styling with decorative books is my favorite. They can really make a huge impact in the right space and take up just enough room in bookshelves mixed with the right accessories. My favorite look right now is to group books by color when installing them in a space, like the first vendor has done. Also a cool look is stacked books (either horizontally or vertically) to spell or draw out an image or phrase.  Much more exciting that old fashioned library books, right!?!?

Take a look at some of my favorites!

Dining Before and After

We had an install this month for a sweet young couple with 2 little girls. They had lots of storm damage when Hurricane Michael hit Panama City last year, and were faced with the rebuilding process. They had water damage to much of the interior of their home, so we selected new wood floors, painted the entire interior, and changed some lighting fixtures. After the storm, we focused on making their living, dining room, and master bedroom a safe haven and gave them a new lease on getting their lives back to normal. It’s always rewarding to get a text after you leave from your client that said, “You guys have outdone yourselves, we love it all.” It’s the little things that make it all worthwhile!  Take a look at this before and after– quite the change for sure!




IMG_2105 2

Hannah Lane Paintings

Y’all know I love supporting original artists, and I LOVE being able to use them in my design projects. This one is one of my favorites! She’s based out of Nashville, Tennessee and is as sweet as she is talented. On a recent trip to Nashville, I was able to stop by her home studio/gallery and pick out a small piece to take home to Florida with me, and it found the perfect home in my master bookshelf!

Hannah’s art is comprised of mixed media abstracts and she gathers inspiration and subject matter from her southern roots. Her art is a composition of pigmented papers layered with paint and pastels. She’s not scared of color, and most pieces reflect that! Here are some of my favorite collections of hers, all taken from her instagram.


I also own one of her more personal pieces– it’s a framed watercolor nude that hangs in my master bathroom. Hannah’s mother-in-law (and our close family friend, Beth Scott) passed away last year after a 28 year battle with Multiple Sclerosis. A portion of each of Hannah’s 25  limited edition watercolor female figures was donated to the MS Society. That’s mine in the top right! Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 11.27.54 AM

Check out her website with links to available pieces for purchase as well as her Instagram and Facebook pages: