Brilliant Bookshelves

Bookcases can be tricky. The goal is to make a visually balanced space without a perfectly symmetrical layout. For example, stack books vertically rather than horizontally for help with height and use a sculptural object  to balance out the weight.   I like the subdued white  with pops of Hermes orange. The touch of soft pink florals brings in some warmth to the space. 8018f7e1bd317ddf9d31be6f707eb994

I like this antique mirror-backed bookcase in a master bedroom. The soft colors make it simple and the mix of books , pictures, and decorative boxes add to the interest.


Never be scared of color! That hot pink just pops the entire arrangement of classic white and gold. By adding decorative boxes, there is change of height and moves the eye to each setting.


Here are a few more of my favorites! Click on each picture for more bookshelving inspiration!

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