Jackie Jordan on the Latest in Rose Gold Finishes

I just loved this article on Rose Gold featured on Sherwin Williams website:

I’ve also copied and pasted the article below. Enjoy!


Originally published in STIR®
BY: Amanda Lecky

Move over, yellow gold and brass — the latest look in metallic finishes is pretty in pink.

Popular in jewelry design for several years, rose gold — traditionally yellow gold alloyed with copper — is now lending its soft pink glow to everything from shoes to candlesticks. The finish made a strong showing at the early 2015 home shows, where the warm tone graced lighting, furniture, hardware and more, and a quick check of Pinterest will even turn up pages of rose-gold hair highlights. Why the sudden bloom of rose gold?

“Rose gold feels fresh and a little feminine, and it’s easy to mix with other metals,” says Jackie Jordan, Director of Color Marketing at Sherwin-Williams. “Metallics of all types are very popular in design right now, and rose gold works with most other finishes, particularly with chrome, stainless steel and nickel -or the pale copper we’re seeing so much of at the moment.”

If you’re concerned the finish is too feminine, save it for pieces that have an angular or even industrial form. “Rose gold can take a geometric side table or an industrial lighting fixture in a really interesting, and gender-neutral, direction,” Jordan says. Another option: Balancing the finish with contrasting colors for walls, upholstery and soft goods, so it stands out as an eye-catching focal point, but doesn’t dominate the overall mood of the space.

Finding the right color palette to complement rose gold is simple, Jordan says. “It looks great paired with lighter blush tones — for a monochromatic look — and with whites and grays, or even with black.” But be careful, she cautions, about mixing it with saturated warm colors like red and yellow. “Generally speaking, rose gold works better with neutrals — though I never say never!”

Jackie’s expert tips on the best colors to use with rose gold:


Look for pale pinks with gray or beige undertones, not saturated bubble-gum shades, and highlight with white.

Jackie’s picks:
Abalone Shell (SW 6050)

Sashay Sand (SW 6051)

Breathless (SW 6022)


A cooler white will give you a more modern look; warmer whites have a traditional feel. Mixing in some pale copper accents with your white and rose gold will create an especially fresh effect.

Jackie’s picks:
Downy (SW 7002)

Snowbound (SW 7004)


Warm or cool grays both work nicely with rose gold — you can even go as dark as charcoal or off-black for a more dramatic or masculine effect.

Jackie’s picks:
Alpaca SW (7022)

Requisite Gray (SW 7023)

Black Fox (SW 7020)

Sealskin (SW 7675)

Whichever palette you select, keep in mind that like any “new” design trend, rose gold may be a fleeting fancy. Unless you want your design to scream 2015 for the next couple of decades, it’s a wise idea to use the finish on elements that are easy to swap out as fashions change. “It’s a great look but not something that appeals to everyone, so I’d definitely keep it to accessories and not investment pieces,” Jordan says. “But if you love it, go ahead and have fun.”


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