Faux Taxidermy

I found this awesome site on etsy.com that I just couldn’t pass up! Who doesn’t need a white and gold faux deer head on their wall, right??!?! So excited for my newest home purchase! And the best part–they come in every color imaginable. Oh, the possibilities!



And just in case you thought I was crazy, I’m not the only one jumping on this faux-bandwagon!

0b411089bb5d7d2d311b3e23dfca79ac 5efd24d00f976c9f6ad5f02c548571ca 935d86790ca696c4507760d0e1e24d82 af34be45245cf6380ee7acf81e14c1f5 ba5f0f8f8f3ca714e749d01e4f0b2143 cd86517cd4900d916a329585ab647679 cdad7864aaadb4adc797e49a43f6a88d d07e67d869d0529707bb26839a223d3c df21a85b05573f963edabd9ad7f2bebb


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