Look UP

Looking for an unexpected POP in a room– look up! We’re not talking Michaelangelo Sistine Chapel-style, just a variation on wall color to add interest. Painting the ceiling in a room is great way to visually draw your eye up. Which is a wonderful way to highlight a cool light fixture or add interest to a tray ceiling inset. You can either stick with neutral walls and pop the ceiling color, or vise versa and go bold on your walls, but steer clear of too much impact up above. For design jobs, I sometimes like to have the painter cut the wall color in half and apply that to the ceiling to visually connect the room. For a soft, cloud and spa-like blue ceiling color, Benjamin Moore’s Palladian Blue is one of my favorites. Take a look at some of these great examples of painted ceilings.

31d151ab77c4343b8ea7907f03226b95 32c68919fc3b1d11adeeb79c7cb30473 036c3d04ab8a73ec02a35750c113644e 987d8591dc7c186e53ef1d868ca080c8 1393dbaf1301cc6b102dd09a32efc50f 84933b94abec1871aa7a7bdcef6442bc 512794725eff3c386b19111282129081 c9566eb77584a665095195bbbd3d8b24 f0349c75b83791a07566f081269c8e8c


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