From day one of design school, you are bombarded with the elements and principles of design. One of those is is balance. Simply put, it’s what most people subconsciously notice about a room when they first walk in, but can’t pinpoint how to fix.  It’s what we designers get paid the big bucks for 🙂 F0r instance, if you have an entry console, it’s not always necessary to have a matching pair of lamps. Try one lamp and an adjacent grouping of vases. Instead of matching nightstands, choose a chest for one side and a matching height round table on the other. Make sure the room’s weight is visually distributed. Don’t stack all your art on one wall, and leave another empty. Divide and conquer, and you’ll realize just how important and what a difference balance in interiors makes.

Here are some symmetrically balanced rooms (ie, you can make a straight line down the center and you’ll have a mirror image on both sides):

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And here are some not-so-matchy-matchy interiors that work just as well:

3f0a8e952c94c3eadf32a511f1ef3ee5 161ea9991a2b5aba2dc2ce790c7e8231 b209bb3dfd7963da459b0c23459960de 90525710829d2d8b63b16f6d72d9a439 54fc7aea0641034da27cb938b3c27914 78a69d52ed28913a37043e3e31daa89e cb834f48d8c4e0b0d05b80b25a9fa028


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