Creative Cornices

You definitely don’t think “your grandma’s house” when you take a look at these beautifully designed cornice boards. I have been using these as a part of my window treatments lately. They can add so much to a room. They complete the idea of a window treatment, and often allow for a way to “hide” the mechanics of draperies. On larger window expanses, you often need traversing rods for functional draperies, and without a decorative rod, these are often less than beautiful. Cornices are a way to hide the top of draperies, and provide a beautiful, clean, and artistic look. Another key to modernizing a cornice is to use a tape applied topically, a trim, or even nailhead application. Take a glance at some of these to inspire you in your own space!

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One thought on “Creative Cornices

  1. blwms90 says:

    Reblogged this on babbles by the brooke and commented:
    Here’s the icing on the cake! You have beautiful curtains but you want more detail… a cornice board is a wonderful design addition. Lately, cornice boards are making a stylish come-back. Take a look at this post by my friend and designer co-worker, Lindsay Miller! Happy Friday!

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