Vern Yip for Trend by Fabricut

A few weeks ago, our design staff was lucky enough to be introduced to Vern Yip’s new line for Trend… BY VERN HIMSELF! Vern is a talented interior designer/reality TV star/entrepreneur/lighting designer… you name it! For those HGTV fans, he was on the original Trading Spaces, and has since gone on to expand his brand into a fabric line for Fabricut. We were all presently surprised by his down-to-earth demeanor and willingness to meet with us to go over the line. He was interested in our feedback, and being that he’s made Rosemary Beach his second home, it’s refreshing to have a contact that is right in our backyard. While discussing our occupation as designers, Vern reminded us all that we are in the lucky minority who do what we love, and are able to make a profession out of it. It’s always good to be reminded of things like that!

In the meantime, enjoy these photos from Vern’s presentation! I can’t wait to use these beautiful new fabrics on a design job!


9737_10154688275490554_6089746489942427821_n 1625684_10154688275305554_7449926198545577753_n 1962674_10154688276175554_2559957027344330395_n 10374860_10154688275855554_6672757032472938848_n 10392411_10154688275740554_1749566999709541433_n 10406769_10154688275495554_333135384220219543_n 10443492_10154688275590554_3443457242082778058_n 10625084_10154688275850554_5832420623575540739_n 10628174_10154688275840554_5607567998253027278_n 10711071_10154688275790554_1870396797620419940_n 10712844_10154688276065554_188616786347173112_n


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