Loving Pink Lately!

Maybe not so much for a bachelor pad, but real men should be confident in pink, right?!?! These bold hues are not your typical little girls rooms… I’m loving these bright and cheery interiors!

0f0676a855dd4a2cfc347610aec669c4 3dbda3d12926165520de47d35eaa365f 082dc6f4219d66aa0850ba230d4eafbe 53475b44ca75288c92b809a23a4ba37a 93454a3e72cd4ffbced5c63370531bf6 101804c6dd85518ef785a5881bb17431 4457482691aa7e7e9c95c23e06708062 c57c4746657f915bf4d8ab6e10ab5bcc ca7c26ed2aeb96c35ef6fea2e745d880 d27016fbaf87d059339d0abea90a7395 e97a95783dd9658cdb7a19e617990de9 f9b7af1f02bd045d3ad8bb4f5862133c

And you know I can’t resist a Frenchie, right?



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