Fall 2014 HighPoint Market Trend Preview

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Fall 2014 Trend Preview
Style Spotters expect High Point to showcase the bright, bold, and brassy.

Market-goers seek out four things when they arrive in High Point – their friends, new connections for their business networks, innovative ideas, and the latest trends. It’s a ritual, and High Point is the only place where all four converge at the start of each new season. And when it comes to trends, it’s the place where all the hip and edgy styles, the hot colors, and fabulous new functional features debut. Part of the fun of Market Week is discovering what’s rising on the furnishings and accessories horizon. What colors and patterns will lead the year? Which finishes will dominate the showrooms?

Let’s take a quick peek into the future, and see what might emerge in High Point this October. To get the inside track on what to look for this fall, we asked a few of our 2014 Style Spotters for their forecasts. Hint: It looks colorful.

As the economy continues to improve, we’ll see a richly-hued future. “People are less afraid of color,” says Mitzi Beach, ASID, CAPS, of Wichita, Kansas. “The colors and styles we use are a reflection of politics and the economy. The use of more color is a sign that things are looking up.”

So what will those colors be? According to Denise McGaha of Denise McGaha Interiors in Dallas, Texas, red is the color to watch. “We saw little red last Market, but we’ll see more this fall,” says McGaha. “It might be plum red or even a burgundy from the late ’80s, something a bit more sophisticated than classic red.” But for sure, it won’t be just one hue. “We’ll see multiple shades of red. Manufacturers won’t stick to just one.”

Screen shot 2014-08-27 at 10.01.44 AM
“We’ll see multiple shades of red. Manufacturers won’t stick to just one.”
– Denise McGaha, owner

“Blue will remain very strong with cobalt, lapis, and robin’s egg … navy and indigo.”
– Gary Inman

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That’s a sentiment shared by Gary Inman, principal and director of hotel and home design, Glavé & Holmes Architecture, Richmond, Virginia. “Reds ranging from corals and pinks to more intense garnets and vermilion will emerge as preferred hues. We’re certainly seeing this color family in fashion and beauty products.” Inman should know. He spent five years in the New York fashion industry before shifting to interior design.

Anyone who’s been around for the last couple of Markets knows that blue has been a winner, and it appears the color’s not slowing down. “Blue will remain very strong with cobalt, lapis, and robin’s egg as fresh additions to navy and indigo,” says Inman.

“It’s really big now,” says Beach of blue, “all shades.” Beach recently specified two blue sofas for a couple. The husband was a bit leery, but once the sofas were installed, he was a color convert. “When people enter their home and see the sofas, their mouths drop open,” Beach says.

Beige bows out and gray is coming in. “It’s the new neutral,” says Beach. “However, the middle of the country is a bit slower to latch onto this color trend,” she notes, referring to her Midwestern client base.

Screen shot 2014-08-27 at 10.01.54 AM

“Florals, exaggerated prints, exaggerated toiles – they’ve exploded …”
– Mitzi Beach


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