Out of the box mirrors

An easy and cool way to quickly update a powder or master bathroom is with a statement mirror. Think you have to use those contractor-grade cheap sheet mirrors that come with your house? Think again!



With my new construction home in the process, I’ve made bathroom mirrors a top priority. Even framing an existing mirror can make the space look more refined and have a more tailored and finished look. Take a look at some of my inspiration images that transform bathrooms from ho-hum to stunning!

03e74610e6697ac37f6d15923c890ede 4a633d2e719cb096b6e089cf9a18cf7c 086c963a7bccbb7b76997571d4a1dca0 682cd664c90de337e45674279b9701cb b91f8b96684c2b8ca766a41f6833ca1e be6338aff6390d1ab39bc71e7a8f4eb6 c01609242e7eb5a1bd7dc1b306dc664c cb10c3893c5878d131e7dbe71c417b98 cdb331342972af6cbe68664536874147 d70fa7d4e93a9224e67b800dd65b001f powder3 powder73 powdert83


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