Bienvenidos a Miami!


In honor of my upcoming girls trip to Miami for Labor Day, I decided to do a blog post on some of the modern, bright and colorful art/interiors/architecture of South Beach, Miami, Florida. While extreme contemporary isn’t necessarily my personal design style, I can appreciate the clean, artistic lines and urban feel. And there’s just something about a view of floor to ceiling windows looking out to the water that makes condo living do-able! Check out these photos for inspiration:

003L1 CI-alexander-powell-miami-loft-lead-image_s4x3_lg Classic-and-Simple-Residential-Apartment-Interior-Design-of-North-Bay-Road-Apartment-Miami-Beach-Florida-Master-Bedroom1   fa21b3a7018cf2ce_1700-w380-h206-b0-p0--modern-living-room indpic1 Luxury-Residential-Apartment-Interior-Design-of-South-Pointe-Tower-South-Beach-Miami-Living-Room  Miami-Beach-Vacation-Apartment-Dining-Room-Interior-Design-by-Avram-Rusu  Unique-Boutique-Hotel-Interior-Design-of-Lords-South-Beach-Hotel-Miami-Penthouse-620x413

This last image is the living room penthouse of producer, Pharrell Williams. That view!The-Miami-Penthouse-of-Pharrell-Williams-–-A-Marriage-between-Kid-and-Adult-Interior-Design-3


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