House Beautiful’s 12 Reasons You’re Meant to Have a Beach House

Ran Across this awesome article on House Beautiful about 12 reasons you are meant to own a beach house. Is it bad that 10 out of 12 apply to me? Enjoy!


1. You proudly display your seashell collection throughout the house.


2. You’re crazy for coral, too!


3. Although you prefer stepping on sand, your flooring is either jute or limestone.


4. Paintings of boats and beaches cover your walls.


5. White walls paired with white upholstery, to some is plain, to you it’s everything.


6. Even though you don’t have palm trees swaying in your backyard, they’re growing inside.


7. You’ve never met a peacock chair you didn’t like.


8. At your house, every meal is eaten with bamboo flatware.


9. Blue and white, blue and white, blue and white! Waves crashing onto a white sand beach is your home’s color muse.


10. Sun-soaked rooms are essential to your happiness.


11. If it’s wrapped in rope (frames, flower pots, mirrors—you name it!) you’ll buy it.


12. As far as you’re concerned, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!


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