The More the Merrier

Now for a little mathematics equation… (wait, I thought I went into design to ensure I’d never have to do long division again!) If you have a 106″ dining table, what size should your light fixture be? The answer: there’s not one. Sure,  you’d like to think that a round table dictates a round fixutre, and a long rectangular table needs a skinny long fixture, but that’s not necessarily the case. What adds lighting interest in a room is the juxtaposition of sizes and numbers. Lately, I’ve been using multiple chandeliers or even oversized pendants over dining tables to not only give more light, but add a sense of continuity and interest. Check out these examples on how to choose the right lighting for your space:

chandelier chabgel 0aef4127b37934b254784bfc5de24e26 0286cc1d6e4383df323aaf03591a5d07 8648605259c1fac134fc6225c35ac22d chandlierfixtureef931e63b1144ccdd55f9b8048e341e1 7b83fa7d76085ca5da0c4aa07d061f49 e04a677adebfc2fc06f1912602731e13


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