Meet me in the galley (kitchen)

Just because you have a small space for a kitchen, doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of it. Lots of older homes are closed off with specific rooms separated by task. IE, kitchens weren’t designed to be as open to the rest of the living space as many newer homes. Therefore you are presented with the task of making a kitchen feel open and inviting without ripping out walls and spending a fortune. Beyond the usual things you can do to make a room feel larger (natural light, windows, light paint color and countertops, light flooring, etc), a smaller kitchen can also give off a cozy and inviting feel. Enjoy these inspiration images of some galley kitchens that I found inspiring.

kitchen kitchen2 kitchen5 kitchen8 kitchen86 kitchen89 kitchengalley kitchennyc kithcne0 ktichendesign ktichenred ktiichen3


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