Waterfall Countertops

My latest obsession in kitchen design: Waterfall countertops. Such a sleek, contemporary look.

waterfall3 modern-kitchen superwhite-chroma-waterfall-miter 8935182 images 0ec9048e23d3 waterfall1 waterfall2 e8fb2a6fe35e467b40c19cfd42ba6788

And lastly, my personal favorite, from Womanista.com Cassie Kelley’s home in Nashville, Interior Design by: Lindsay Sanders Rhodes



4 thoughts on “Waterfall Countertops

  1. Hello, Lady! says:

    Loving these so much right now, too! I wondered for a moment if they’d look dated after some time, but then thought the better of it. More marble could never hurt, right?!

  2. A Lovely Nest says:

    Dear Lindsay,

    Please don’t take it personal that I have unsubscribed, I just am too tempted to shop when I see your pretty blog posts! Love your work, I really really do. and I am so proud of you 🙂


    Kayla Coe

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