Inviting Breakfast Nooks

There’s nothing I like better than a cozy breakfast nook off of a kitchen. It’s the perfect spot for a casual gathering, early morning coffee-drinking, late night book-reading, homework-doing with the kids. Kids  (and adults too) love nothing more than sliding into a booth at a restaurant, right? There are more ways than one to accomplish this look. Every home interior footprint is so different that there may not be a way to build in an elaborate booth concept in your space, but you can accomplish this look with the use of a dining banquette. Here are some images that I love that make use of that sometimes wasted kitchen space.

1-Kitchen-Nook 9CA19FD8-2C27-4D3E-A9C9-9A0DD125C742 68021c4f921b62fc68c8b0a3f6333927 Breakfast Nook with Two Benches ce4df6dfc3b0221abcccbd910c9665ef fd517bed07d40ac41bb1c7cb55bc4d4e images purple-breakfastnook

And finally, an image from my  friend and former boss, Cyndy Cantley’s personal home. I love the use of cabinetry to frame the seating area, and the storage underneath. Here’s a link to her kitchen as shown in Southern Living magazine.

Breakfast Nook


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