Beautiful Built-ins

I have a current remodel job that the client has request a built-in cabinet rather than a furniture piece for underneath her television. She want storage, functionality, a space for display, and a seamless piece that will blend in with the rest of the unit. Who says you can’t have it all, right? I pulled these inspiration images of built-ins to show her as a starting point. All have a different look and style from sleek modern to coastal contemporary to traditional, but all serve to house a television and its components. Granted every space is different, but hopefully you’ll gain inspiration and ideas from these images as to how to incorporate this concept into your own space.

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One thought on “Beautiful Built-ins

  1. Jeanmcgmill says:

    L, I tried to respond under ” comments” to your blog today and there was a server problem. Said I shouldn’t be there?? I did like your ideas on built-ins…..very functional as well as attractive. Love, Mom

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