Sneak Peak at our Market Finds

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I just returned from a productive trip to Market in Highpoint, North Carolina, furniture capital of the world. There’s nothing quite like being immersed in fresh and exciting new design trends to really recharge your “creative battery”. I love going in the showrooms to find out what’s new and innovative. By the last day of market, you really learn what’s trending and what the “hot” items are, because you’ve seen bits and pieces of them from all the big lines. Last spring it was shagreen, geodes, and kelly green. This year, we really noticed these 3 big trends:

1. An updated take on Mid-Century Modern. This is a very distinct style, and scary for some people to grasp the concept. Lots of furniture lines have adapted it into a more mainstream look, so that it’s easy to use a piece here and there, mixed with any kind of style. Bernhardt and Bassett Furniture’s HGTV collection shows a lot of this look.

bhgtv4 emporiumhome market 2014 vanguard banquette oly

2. Global Influence (especially Asian-inspired). EVERYWHERE! From CR Laine’s showroom to the shelves of your local HomeGoods, this look is all over the place now. Maybe the thought of full length drapes like these shown in CR Laine scare you, but small pops in pillows or light fixtures are a fun addition to any style room.

cr 2104 crlaine2014 crlaine2014 blue crlaine2014 drapes crlaine2014 red purple crlaine2014entry global3 globalentry mrbrown2014

3. Gold and Brass furniture- The use of mixed metals is HUGE right now. We are seeing more and more brass and bright gold in showrooms like Worlds Away, Bernhardt, and Phillips Collection.

bern6 bernbed cyan market 2014 global4  julianchicester lba2  wagold waturtles


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