C.Wonder(fully designed interior)

WOW. The only word that comes to mind when entering a CWonder retail store. These are some images from the Soho store in Manhattan. There’s so much to love from a design perspective that I could hardly focus on the clothes and accessories! First, those doors! Lime green high lacquer intensity. Apple green is carried throughout the store as a sort of “signature” color. Graphic rugs, navy lacquer display cabinets, and furniture-turned-display pieces guide you through the store’s interior. I also love the gold framed inset display boxes throughout the store. Different wallpapers separate different sections of the store, and THAT CASHWRAP! Total wow factor.  I did a little research on the designer of this store, and found out that the design firm, Pompei, A.D., has also designed over 90 Anthropologie stores worldwide. Makes sense, now! What a cool concept for it’s flagship store! And I haven’t even touched on the items i like IN the store.. we’ll save that one for a rainy day 🙂

In the meantime, check out Pompei A.D.’s website, and some of these cool images from the store:

Screen shot 2012-08-23 at 8.59.45 PM

 C-Wonder-store-by-Pompei-AD-New-York-02 C-Wonder-store-by-Pompei-AD-New-York-03 C-Wonder-store-by-Pompei-AD-New-York-04 C-Wonder-store-by-Pompei-AD-New-York-05 C-Wonder-store-by-Pompei-AD-New-York-06 C-Wonder-store-by-Pompei-AD-New-York-07 C-Wonder-store-by-Pompei-AD-New-York-08 C-Wonder-store-by-Pompei-AD-New-York-09 C-Wonder-store-by-Pompei-AD-New-York-10 C-Wonder-store-by-Pompei-AD-New-York-11 C-Wonder-store-by-Pompei-AD-New-York


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