Cool, Chic, and Corporate

Corporate design doesn’t always have to be blah and boring. Sometimes it’s a way to try new, exciting, and cutting edge, wow-factor design. Think about it– boring and sterile offices don’t catch your attention, but you distinctly remember details of that cool hotel where you vacationed years ago.  I am in the process of working on an upscale office building here in Destin, FL, and was google-imaging for inspiring and innovative ideas. It’s a technology company, so there’s a fine line between cheesy and tech-y. I am working to incorporate metallic, natural, and graphic element  to the fourth floor executive suite.  Take a look at some of these images to show how detailed and creative some of these interiors can be.

808761220497590  ceiling east_hotel_by_cl3_architects_01 elecatro  glamorous-modern-office-interior-design httpwww.newinteriorhome.com201201design-modern-lighting-fixtures-chandelier-from-ameba-peter-sans   LatestRecipe2 Lobby3  modern_hotel_lobby_3d_model_600ab736-7c25-4972-b9cf-c2b4bfac10df modern_lobby_max_c15319ec-07b4-4acb-95a3-2e39fbd59fc3 modern_restaurant_lobby_3d_model_max_7ec9f756-660a-49ca-9600-8b51d9dc9f4a Modern+architecture+greets+you+in+the+entrance+lobby nterior-finishes-in-ceramic-gres-and-porcelain6 ricdt_phototour19 skype ZB359


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