Beachy Chic

There’s a tasteful way to bring coastal into a design project. Living in paradise (eh, i mean the beach), many of my clients want touches of the beach incorporated into their design. I know, I know, you might say– shells and corals— not my style. But you’d be surprised at how far coastal decor has come. Many vendors are using it in a more mainstream setting. They have made it more contemporary and hip by bringing in gold and silver finishes. Lamps are more mod and serve as art pieces. Backsplashes are more elegant and versatile. Capiz shell is very popular in design today. It’s simple elegance is being used from furniture pieces to lighting to backsplash tiles. Wallcoverings are using a more modern take on graphic coral prints. See the images below for inspiration on how to bring a little bit of the beach into your home no matter where you live!

reginaandrewshell regshellso0 regshels shell shell0os shell4 shellampa shellchesthooker shellight shelllamp shells0 shells6 shellsink shelltile bath shellwallcover shwle


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