Wood Tiles

Wood tile? Yep.. it’s one of the newest trends to hit the flooring market. It looks just like real wood, you can only really tell by touch and feel. It comes in a variety of colorways, and is sold in varying plank sizes to mimic the way real wood would be laid in a room. It’s great for any space,  as its pros far outweigh its cons. It is extremely durable and doesn’t buckle or expand/contract like real wood flooring. It doesn’t scratch as easily or show nearly as much wear. It is cheaper, and easier to clean with simply a mop and water. I highly recommend this option to owner who have rental properties on the beach.  Upkeep is minimal, and it’s such a beautiful look.

woodflor4 woodtiel5 woodtile woodtile2 woodtile3 woodtile87 woodtile344 white wood3



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