Go Wild!

It’s in style for fashion, and it’s made its way to the interiors front as well. That’s right—- embrace the animal print!  From upholstery to wallcoverings to fabrics to rugs, it looks like it’s here to stay!  As with any trend, keep it in moderation.. it’s possible to go overboard with too many conflicting prints.  In order to keep a classic look, go for neutral prints mixed with high intensity solids.
Here’s one of my favorite chairs at the moment. It’s made by Cara Cole for Schnadig. http://www.caracole.com

hide nor hair

animal chair

animal print2

Some interior shots:



how-to-stencil-a-wall-stenciled-wall-tutorial-animal-print-stencil Zebra decorpad

zebra 3 housebeautiful comscalamandre-zebra-print-wallpaper_original



A few inspired wall covers, pillows, and fabrics:

animal pillow


animal snake wall

These 2 rugs are actually in my living room. I layered them on top of one another for a transitional look.

rugsilvermetallic rugsurya

Don’t be afraid to go a little wild. If the thought of wallpapering an entire room scares you, start with an accent pillow, and go from there.  Happy [animal print] hunting! 🙂


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