30 Wallpapered Powder Baths

Powder baths are the perfect opportunity to do a really fun and out-of-the-box idea that is completely different from the rest of your home. With such a small space, you save money by not needing as much material as if you were to do a huge living space. You can also make a huge impact with graphic prints, large scale patterns, textured papers.

Animal Inspired:

animaldog wall eclectic-powder-room

massucco warner miller powder room bathroom zebra herd wall paper brown black white gold frame mirror marble sink basin chrome plumbing fittings mag0923 powderroom A1

powder animal powderdog powderanimal

Mod/Graphic Pops:

powder2 powdergrah powdergraph powdergraphicpowdergraphic33

Chinoiserie Inspired:

powderchingoo powderchinoiserie

powederchin powderchinoicmetallic powderchinese

Morrocan Inspired:

powder morrocan powdergrahpii Moroccan-wall-stencil-chez-sheik moroca morrocanmi powdermorrocan2

Floral Themed:

powder floral powdermetallics powderfloral powderfloral3 powderfloral6 powderfloral333


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