A designer’s take on what’s hot…

design-trends-layered-rugs-021 Original_Layered-Rugs-Nicole-Gibbons-Sisal-Rug_s4x3_lg

1. Layering Rugs:

Layering elements in a room add pattern, color and texture that give any room an interesting and cozy feel. Most often times, a patterned rug is layered over a solid. However, layering multiple prints can be beautiful as well. Hides are an easy way to layer: try placing a hide over a simple jute or seagrass rug to give an element of warmth and beauty.


2. Equestrian Inspired Interiors

From large graphic art pieces, to decorative accessories, and even furniture lines, the world of design is going to the pastures: literally. Horses are everywhere these days. This graphic horse image is quite the statement piece of the room.

Turquoise-Aqua-bedroom-interior-design-decor-bedroom-design-interiors-via-unevieencouleurs  186185_0_4-7727-eclectic-bedroom

3. Pops of Orange and Turquoise

In our world, color is one of the basic elements of what drives design. It’s a known fact that interiors follow fashion, so it’s no surprise that we are seeing pops of bright colors show up in subdued settings. By keeping your main design base neutral, you can easily add art or pillows to completely change the look of a room. Here on the Emerald Coast, it’s easy to grab inspiration by simply catching a sunset on our beautiful beaches. Pops of fiery orange and soothing turquoise work together to create a livable and inspiring palette.

189925309254997512_z4yaxhzD_b 131026670378445565_djDw1iUe_b 39265827970739810_tWddbxY9_b

4.  Tile Accent Walls

Want that wow factor? Go with tile. For any space, particularly bathrooms, tile walls have become the new trend. They are durable, functional, and downright beautiful. Though tiles will definitely run more than simply painting or wallpapering, they really make that statement. Tile a small space like powder bath, or a kitchen backsplash, or even a tub deck in a bathroom.


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